Card Wording

Not sure what to say?  Feel free to use these words, phrases, and quotes as a guide to stimulate your thinking or to get you started.  The text is divided into three sections, Card Greetings, Card Messages, and Quotations.  The Card Messages section has five subsections, they are:

·         I Love You

·         Special Day

·         I Miss you

·         Thinking of You

·         I’m Sorry

Quotations can be used at the bottom of your card or in the body of your inscription. 
Feel free to copy any text here, click on the “GO BACK” link at the very bottom of the page, and paste into the Card Inscription field on the order page.  Do not use your browser's backspace button.

Section One – Card Greetings

For My Beautiful Wife
For My Wonderful Wife
For My Wife, The Love Of My Life
For My Wife, My Forever Friend
To My Lovely Wife
To The Woman That I Married
To My Sweetheart
To the Woman I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With
For You (Or Name)
For My Girl
For My Lady
To My Best Friend


Section Two – Card Messages

“I love you”

When I have to tell you everything,
I know I’m in love.

May you find happiness and love,
may all your dreams come true.
This is what I wish for you.

We are one and I want to tell the
whole world how much you mean to me,
because I'm part of you and you're a
huge part of me. I love you

I love you. Still.

When it's very quiet, and I'm very still,
I can hear the beating of my heart...
it speaks your name.

The place I want to be, sharing hopes
and dreams forever, is by your side.

It took me a while to find you...
but it was worth the wait.

When I wake up, sometimes it takes me
a moment to realize that I didn't dream you.
You're real. And you're mine.

From morning light to evening star,
remember always how precious you are.

For My Wife, the love of my Life…
Though I seem to take for granted all the thoughtful things you do
 no husband ever loved his wife as much as I love you…

Year after year, you’ve given me the same gift again and again –
 the happiness of spending my life with you. 

Your love opens my eyes to places I never knew existed…
Your love opens my heart to dreams I never knew I had…
Your love opens my world and I am a better person for loving you.

You are my forever friend who shares in everything,
a partner through the ups and downs that life may
sometimes bring…

You’re the one I always turn to – for when all is said and done,
You are my confidant, my lover, and my best friend, all in one!

It doesn’t matter if everything is perfect or not so perfect;
I love being with you.  I love talking to you.
It doesn’t matter what turns life takes, because
we will always have each other.  Who could ask for more?


“Special Day”

Baby, I love the warm and comfortable feeling,
the quiet understanding between us…
On (Your birthday or holiday)
I wanted to tell you this and to wish you
the wonderful day you deserve.

I love sharing (Day or Holiday) with you, celebrating the coming of spring as the world around us blossoms with new life. And I hope this spring can be a special one for us……a time to renew our romance, to rediscover the passion between us that sometimes gets lost in the rush of our busy days, a time to renew our promise to love and cherish each other through all the seasons of our life together…

For whether it’s winter, spring or fall, our marriage is very precious to me – because I love you with all my heart.

Though I seem to take for granted all the thoughtful things you do
 no husband ever loved his wife as much as I love you…

And (Day or Holiday) is the perfect time to say
I’ll always be the proudest man on earth, Sweetheart,
because you married me.

“I miss you”

Sometimes I hear your laugh,
see your face, hear you say my
name. And then I remember
that you're not there. I miss you.

You'll be on my mind...until you're
in my arms.  I miss you.


“Thinking of you”

As I look back on all we've been
through together, I remember why
I treasure you so much.

Loveliness always brings my
thoughts back around to you.
Thank you for being such a
lovely part of my life.

I just wanted you to know that
I'm thinking of you. You are so
important to me.

Thinking of You and all the good
times we've shared.


“I’m sorry”

For what I didn't say, for what I
didn't do - I am so sorry.

Can I ask you for one small favor?
Could you please forgive me?

I am sorry.  So sorry. Sorry from
deep down in my heart where words
fail me and there is only the pain of
knowing that I hurt you. I love you
and I'm sorry. Please let me try to
make it up to you.

I think it's time we talk. I don't know
exactly what's wrong between us,
but something is. Let's figure it out
together and see how we can fix it.
I love you, you're too special to me
to lose you.


Section Three – General Quotations

Each of us - a half - incomplete
together we are as one…
in this there shall be joy
Let this be our destiny
to love, to live
to begin each new day together
to share our lives forever

Today is the first day
of our life together
In this world of uncertainty
and confusion,
we two have found each other…
different yet alike
We have grown together in
love and understanding
The love we share today
shines from sunrise to sunrise
growing brighter, year to year
as we share our lives
As a rainbow
brings beauty to our lives
So our love
brings the promise of joy
How beautiful is the day
that is touched by
Love is beautiful simply
by being what it is
Today we begin sharing
our life…
…our love
Two lives, two hearts
joined together in friendship
united forever in Love
We will share our tomorrows
and all that they hold
Love fills the moment
and the moment begins eternity
Love fills a lifetime
and a lifetime begins this hour
The ultimate miracle of love is this
that love is given to us
to give to one another…
With each believing the other to be
a giver of love, a sharer of sorrow,
a bringer of joy and a reason for life
One love
that is shared
by two…
On this day
I will marry my best friend
The one who shares my dreams,
life and Love
Today we love…
and tomorrow…
Love is the most
beautiful gift
we are given
to share
In the sweetness of love
let there be laughter
and in all our tomorrows
the freshness of today
Hand in hand
heart to heart
love encircles us…
Two hearts
that beat
as one…
Our love is in bloom
like a perfect rose